No man is an Island. Be informed and get the proper support!

This Book Reveals How You Can Cope-Up With Challenges And Protect Your Childs Welfare (No matter what!) through advocacy and community support.

The importance of building networks of support

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“Don’t let the size of this book deceive you. It is a powerful work, told by a woman who gave birth to twins, one of whom has Down syndrome. The other, who seemed fine at first, turned out to have Tourette’s syndrome, which was misdiagnosed as ADD. The mother tells how she struggled through years of medical issues with her daughter, faced the challenges of a school system that failed to adequately meet the needs of her son, and, through initiative and perseverance, made possible a satisfying, rewarding, and independent life for each of her children.”

“At times heartbreaking, at other times invigorating, at all times inspiring, this book should be on the reading list of all parents and educators, regardless of the needs of their children or students.”

Elaine Mack


“This is a very personal and loving memoir written by a parent who adapted to the trials of caring for a child with Down Syndrome and another with Tourette Syndrome. This book is an excellent guide for other parents and caregivers who may be facing the same challenges. It gives some innovative ways in how to create an independent life for these children as they become adults and how to prepare for their future care. It gives excellent advice regarding guardianship and the legal problems that may ensue should one become a guardian for a child who needs lifetime supervision.”

Miz Bee


“This is such helpful guidance to those of us with many of the same issues trying to figure out how best to help our loved ones. The true stories were engrossing and reminders of similar challenges I have dealt with and am still confronting.”